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                                                                        OUR PHILOSOPHY

    HIGH IMPACT HUMOR believes that you, as a speaker, have two important obligations.  Whether your appearance in front
    of a group was the result of your request or their brute force--regardless of whatever twist of fate brought you together--you
    will find yourself standing there, facing an expectant audience...and these two challenges:

    1.  You have an obligation to yourself (and to the organization, person, event, or philosophy that you represent) to make
    sure  your message comes across effectively.  That's why you're there!  It is not the audience's responsibility to
    develop the interest, pick out the important points, and tolerate any boring, confusing or distracting aspects of your
    presentation.  You are the speaker.

    2.  You have an obligation to your audience to make sure they can understand your message effortlessly, enjoy the
    experience and feel that it was time well-spent.

    No matter how important your message may be, you are never exempt from these considerations.  Even presidents,
    popes and politicians make every effort to give compelling speeches at which the audience not only understands the
    critical message, but also feels inspired and motivated.

    Even if your message seems trivial--even if you're just the lucky person who was asked to get up and explain where the
    restrooms are--there's still a lot you can do to make sure your message is received and the audience doesn't feel like
    drowsy hostages while you deliver it.

    In either case, humor is one of the most effective tools for helping you get the job done.  Call us!