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"Bill’s Pills Corporate Gift Program" e-mails clean, topical jokes to your clients and
customers every day for an entire year.  This program is an extension of the successful
"Bill's Pills for Radio/TV," which continues to provide jokes to major radio and TV
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Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to
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Bill’s Pills will be e-mailed in the evening and
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patients or customers) as soon as they
access their e-mail in the morning.  
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With Bill’s Pills, you get your name, logo and
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entire year.
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There are three brief jokes in each e-mail.  
They are written daily and are on topics taken
from the news in the past 24 hours.  The
jokes are clean and non-offensive.
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The jokes are displayed as soon as the user
opens the e-mail.  No attachments, no links,
no hassle.
100 Customers!

You can have up to 100 customers included
on the mailing list for the base price.  If you
don’t have the entire list at the beginning, you
can add names at any time throughout your
subscription year.
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For  your  client,  receiving  Bill’s Pills  will be
pure enjoyment.  No advertisements, no
commercial messages.
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This package is only $499.  For a mere 2
cents per contact you get...
  • “Bill’s Pills” e-mailed daily to 100
    recipients for one year
  • A gift announcement e-mailed to each
  • The flexibility to add recipients (up to
    100)  throughout your subscription year

Slightly incremental rates are available for gift
packages with hundreds--even thousands--
of recipients.
No Burden!

Since the sender and subject of the e-mail is
readily identifiable, your client will be able to
simply delete the e-mails on days when
there just isn’t time to read them.  
Additionally, there is a “de-subscribe” option   
included in every  e-mail.
Monday, October 3, 2005

      At the Manila airport in the Philippines, a passenger jet
was deplaned and delayed for 13 hours while airline
personnel unsuccessfully tried to find and trap a mouse that
had been seen scampering across the aisle.
 As the plane
finally took off, the pilot came on the intercom and said, "Good
evening.  This is your captain squeaking."

      There are rumors that Warren Beatty may run against
Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor of California.
 This will
be the first gubernatorial election ever supervised by the Screen
Actors Guild.

      Donald Trump has announced his wife is pregnant.  
Donald has four children from previous marriages, but this
will be the first child for his wife.
 Yeah, but is that any reason
for him to go around calling her "The Apprentice"?

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