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Tuesday, Jul 17

Last week Stormy Daniels was arrested during a strip club routine and taken away in handcuffs.  
The famous porn star objected vehemently and tried to explain to the arresting officers that handcuffs usually
have a fur lining and they always go on the guy.

In preparation for his trial, Paul Manafort has been moved to new jail where there are more
restrictions and he can no longer wear civilian clothing.
  ***   He still wants to look dapper, but is having
trouble picking out a tie that goes with orange.

On this date in history:  Jul 17, 1867 – The first permanent university dental school in the U.S. is
established at Harvard.  
 ***   So, a degree from Harvard meant you probably had a brilliant mind, a great
education and good teeth.

On this date in history:  Jul 17, 1955 – Arco, Idaho becomes the first U.S. city lit by nuclear power.  ***  It
was a nice, soft glow from the reactor.

On this date in history:  Jul 17, 1988 – San Francisco has a record high temperature of 103 degrees.   
***   So, if you left your heart in San Francisco, it probably got fried.
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